Thank you

to all exhibitors and visitors for making the 2022 Caregiver Show a success!

Thank you

to all exhibitors and visitors for making the 2022 Caregiver Show a success!


2022 Toronto speakers

Session Room A

10:30am Maximize your role as a Caregiver

We’ll explore the many things to consider when working with outside resources in either the community or a long-term care setting. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to review the vast free education and supportive service opportunities available through the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

Presenter: Laura Petta MSW RSW works as a Social Worker for the Caregiver Specialist Program and is an employee of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto
Alzheimer Society of Toronto

11:30am Simplify your Home. Simplify your Life!

As a family caregiver, you have so many things to do and probably not enough time to get them all done. Join Karen Shinn, from Downsizing Diva and discover small changes to make in your home and find time to take care of YOURSELF and the person you are   caring for.

Presenter: Karen Shinn
Downsizing Diva

12:30pm Being a Care giver is hard work, let us help you!

Learn some practical & useful information to help navigate the healthcare system and obtain some valuable information on what services and support is available to you. What questions to ask, what community resources are available, when to ask for help to assist with the difficult, tiring but meaningful work of caring for a loved one.

Presenters Randy Meisner & Peggy Colwell
Spectrum Health

1:30pm Estate Planning the do’s and don’t

Preparing an estate plan is one of the most valuable gifts one can give to their loved ones after they’re gone. A comprehensive estate plan not only ensures that wishes will be honoured; it will result in significant time and financial savings and greatly reduce stress on loved ones when the time comes. In this presentation, we’ll give a step-by-step overview of the estate planning process, and tell you the most important things to consider when planning your estate

Presenter: Sara Hillier, TEP, MTI Director of Estate Solutions

2:30pm Senior Moving Guide: How to start preparing for a move

The process of moving is a gradual one: seniors shouldn’t be expected to be able to emotionally or physically prepare for a move in just a few short weeks. To reduce the stress of a big move, we’ll be discussing what steps can be taken now to start the process.

Presenters: Bernadette Dayman | Broker I ASA; ABR & Tarra Chin l   Sales Representative, SRES
Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc

Session Room B

11:00am BUDGETING AND DEBT – How Can Caregivers help?

A presentation on the financial and debt issues that can affect individuals on a fixed income.

Discover what tools and solutions are available for caregivers to suggest to their loved ones and clients.

Presented by Jeff Lewis, CPA, LIT and Ilan Kibel CPA, LIT

12:00pm Caring for the Caregiver

In this presentation we will discuss all facets of caregiver health and wellness, as well as share practical tools and strategies for coping with stress and improving your capacity to deal with challenges while providing care.

Presented by: Yuliya Goloida, MSW, RSW
Social Worker, Dementia Coach and Caregiving 101 Facilitator

1:00pm Join the movement on Social Prescribing, Community Engagement, and Interaction.  A discussion for families, communities, community organizations and health care professionals.

Addressing meaning, being and community within a Social Prescribing Person Centered Community Integrated Care Model.  Joining Jane Teasdale from Mosaic Home Care will be a panel of experts from various organizations on Social Prescribing. Alliance for Healthier Communities, Baycrest, Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario, Woodgreen Community Services and Emma Rooney (Horticultural Therapy Practitioner) will discuss the health benefits of Forest Bathing.

Presenter: Jane Teasdale co-owner of Mosaic Home Care Services will be presenting with Emma Rooney
Mosaic Home Care & panel

2:00pm The Other Awkward Talk:  What You Should Know About Cemetery and Funeral Pre-Planning

People don’t want to think about death – yours or theirs. But there are so many funeral and cemetery options. Not understanding your options can lead to things being more costly and difficult than they need to be. Planning is easier than you think.

Presenter:  Andrea Todd Licensed Cemetery and Funeral Pre-Planner
Arbor Memorial

3:00pm Beyond misunderstood: The profound impacts of hearing loss across numerous health domains and its contribution to global wellbeing

This talk addresses the onset of hearing loss and how it presents differently from how the general population assumes it would. It discusses research that links hearing loss to several health concerns that go beyond communication and typical associations with hearing impairment. The talk closes with actionable items focused on reducing risk and improving outcomes.

Presenter Andreas Seelisch MSC, BHSC(Hons) Audiologist, Reg. CASLPO
Hearing Solutions

Past speakers


Session Room A

11:00amDropping the Charges of Caregiver Guilt
 In this presentation, you will obtain tips to address and relieve the common guilt feelings that caregivers face while dealing with care demands.
Presented by: Eleanor Silverberg
BA Psych, MSW, RSW; 3-A Coping Strategist for Caregivers
12:00pmIt Takes Two (or more) to Tango: Dementia Caregiving
 Presented by: Andrea Ubell
Director, Programs and Client Services at the Alzheimer Society of York Region
1:00pmHearing Loss – Signs, Causes and Solutions
 Presented by: Rex Banks, AuD, Reg. CASLPO
Audiologist and Director of Hearing Healthcare & Quality.
Canadian Hearing Society
 A presentation for family caregivers on self-care & socialization & community resources. This session will include a special meditation and relaxation workshop by Almeiri Santos – Meditation teacher and Reiki Master.
Presented by: Jane Teasdale
Co-Owner Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centres

Session Room B

11:00amA Practical Perspective on Family Caregiving
 Presented by: Mary Bart
Caregiving matters – Founder & Chair
12:00pmHot Topics in Lung Health
 It includes some of the most important topical lung issues such as vaping, cannabis, radon, drifting smoke in apartments/condos, flu shot.
Presented by: Chris Haromy BSc, RRT, CRE
Registered respiratory therapist, certified respiratory educator
Ontario Lung Association
1:00pmDeclutter and Downsize Workshop
 Shirley and Arlene will explain how simple organizational changes can have a big impact and will provide creative and inexpensive tips that will help you as you begin the process of organizing or downsizing your home.
Presented by: Shirley Coughlin and Arlene Stephenson
Downsizing Diva, the senior move management experts.
2:00pmLaughter is the Best Medicine: A Caregiver Workshop on Laughter and Joy
 Presented by: Erin Relyea, MSW, RSW
Project Coordinator, Caring for Caregivers Project
Seniors and Caregivers Support Services
Family Service Toronto