Thank you

to all exhibitors and visitors for making the 2022 Caregiver Show a success!

Thank you

to all exhibitors and visitors for making the 2022 Caregiver Show a success!

It’s a MOVING experience… take the first step!


Making a move to a new home and lifestyle involves CHANGE which could lead to an emotional and often overwhelming time for you and the person you are caring for.

Moving means downsizing and letting go of treasures with special memories that have been collected over time and can be a stressful time.

To reduce the stress of your move, here are our Top FIVE Tips:

  1. CELEBRATE THE GOOD TIMES!  As you get ready for the move, you’re bound to discover things you had long-forgotten, like photographs from days gone by, favourite music, special knickknacks and vintage clothes. When you take the time to share some of these treasures, you may be surprised at the reactions you get as you celebrate the good times… together!
  2. FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTENT.  It’s one of our favourite sayings and the BEST reason to duplicate areas of your existing home in your new home. Look for the “special nest” area – a place where your loved one feels most comfortable and relaxed. When you set about creating the floor plan for your new place, incorporate as many aspects of the “nest” as you can – the chair, the table, the lamp, the pillow, the box of Kleenex… get the idea? Your goal is to create a cozy space where everyone is relaxed and feels at home… again!
  3. KEEP DISTRACTIONS TO A MINIMUM – A huge part of any move preparation is the downsizing and packing parts. Minimize distractions for your loved one by packing the items INSIDE cabinets, closets and cupboards first. Out of sight is really out of mind. By keeping  the BIG picture constant for as long as you can, the person you’re caring for will be much less anxious about what’s going on.
  4. GIVE ITEMS “SAFE PASSAGE” – As you get ready for Move Day, you’ll probably find lots of treasures that just won’t fit at the new place. Give these surplus items “save passage” by sharing them with family or friends or donating them to charitable organizations and get them to people who will enjoy them as much as you did. Win-win!
  5. CALL IN THE PROS! If the last thing you want to do is add the stress of moving to your already busy “to-do” list, call in the Pros! Senior & Specialty Move Managers recognize and manage the stress of relocating older adults and work with reputable moving companies to make the transition easier for you and your family.

If you are preparing for a move, take it slowly.

When you make up your mind to enjoy the process as much as the move, you can reduce the stress of the upcoming move for everyone involved.

We’ll leave you with the wisdom of Emily Dickinson…  “One step at a time is all it takes to get you there.”

Here’s to taking that first step…

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